ONRŪ Feature in Departures: What We’re Eating, Where We’re Going, and What We’re Loving in August

Chill Pill

With the challenges of modern travel making front-page news this summer, it won’t surprise you to learn that some of my recent trips have taken twice as long as anticipated. Hour-long layovers, for example, have morphed into surprise overnight stays. Even if one is able to maintain a sunny attitude when thrown such curveballs (I always am, of course), it takes a toll on the immune system. I have been fortified by these Onrū Travel Immunity supplements — a once-daily dose of vitamins C and D, zinc, ashwagandha, papain (a digestive enzyme), lemon balm, and more, packed into a globe-shaped bottle. There is so much about travel that is out of our control, but these supplements help me feel like I can at least mount a good defense. — Nina


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