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ONRŪ on HeyDoYou: ONRŪ Unveils Holistic, Pure and Complete Immunity Supplements

ONRŪ Unveils Holistic, Pure and Complete Immunity Supplements

Tired of overwhelming supplement routines? If so, ONRŪ got you! Their fully comprehensive formulas made with adaptogenic herbs and minerals support your immune system naturally while aiding your digestion, brain health, bloating, anxiety and stress. Ditch the cocktail of pills, and get everything you need with ONRŪ.

New Los Angeles based wellness brand ONRŪ announces the launch of the world’s first premium and sustainable immunity supplement brand.
Founded by Tumi Miller and developed with leading naturopathic doctor Franziska Meuschel MD, each ONRŪ supplement is produced locally in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility in Southern California with pure and effective ingredients that are always 100% vegan, adaptogenic, non-GMO and contain zero artificial fillers or additives. “At ONRŪ our aim is to create the cleanest and most comprehensive immunity supplements on the market. We’ve all come to know the importance of immune health and for our launch we’ve created a line of immunity products to benefit all aspects of our customer’s lives, whether that’s for going to work every day, while travelling or simply when trying to get a good night’s sleep,” says Tumi Miller.
ONRŪ’s signature launch collection includes three holistic immunity supplements: Essential Immunity, Sleep + Immunity, and Travel Immunity.
ESSENTIAL IMMUNITY is a comprehensive daily immunity supplement providing a wide array of essential vitamins, minerals, and herbs including organic turmeric, organic ginger, organic vitamin C from acerola cherries, organic vitamin D from mushrooms, zinc, and vitamin K2. It is formulated to naturally boost the immune system and improve overall well-being, while natural prebiotics from organic Jerusalem artichoke help to improve gut health.
SLEEP + IMMUNITY is a unique sleep supplement designed to provide restful, high-quality sleep while also boosting the immune system. It contains natural sleep-inducing and stress-relieving herbs & adaptogens such as valerian root & organic ashwagandha instead of synthetic sedatives, alongside immune boosting organic vitamin C from acerola cherries, organic ginger, and turmeric.
TRAVEL IMMUNITY is a full-spectrum product created to combat the variety of stressors the body experiences while on the go. Ingredients such as organic echinacea and quercetin provide potent anti-viral and antioxidant properties to help stay protected and reduce inflammation, natural digestive enzymes from papaya fruit aid digestion while travelling, and adaptogenic herbs such as organic ashwagandha & organic lemon balm relieve travel related stress and insomnia.
ONRŪ is committed to environmentally friendly business practices and keeping a low carbon footprint. All packaging has been designed to the highest standard and is produced locally with sustainable materials. ONRŪ avoids the use of plastic and only uses reusable & recyclable glass bottles, decorated with organic paint.
The product packaging is made from recyclable, FSC certified paper and 100% recycled cardboard and all warehouses are certified carbon neutral facilities. ONRŪ is also committed to giving back to causes that benefit the environment and for launch has partnered with the National Forest Foundation to plant one tree in America’s national forests for every product sold. ONRŪ’s premium immunity supplements are priced at $65 and are available now at
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