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How Tumi Miller's Holistic Immunity Brand ONRŪ Supports Personal and Global Wellness

It's no stretch to say that ONRŪ founder and CEO Tumi Miller created the supplement brand out of a fierce passion, as well as necessity.

When she started losing most of her hair at the age of 14, she literally traveled the globe to meet specialists who could help, but little seemed to work. The doctor-recommended supplements she took didn't do much, and it wasn't long before she realized they were full of junk ingredients, including additives, fillers and synthetics. She realized the world needed a better option, and decided to create it herself with the pure, holistic immunity supplement brand ONRŪ.

Of course, we were fascinated by Tumi's story from the start, and we had the chance to learn all about her history and work as an entrepreneur and why creating a company like ONRŪ that can bring joy and health to the world means everything to her.

founder and CEO of  ONRŪ

Name: Tumi Miller

IG Handle: @onruwellness

Hometown: London, United Kingdom

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius


1. Tumi's wellness journey started in her teens, when she started losing a lot of hair.

"It was very difficult for me, as I felt I was robbed of a part of my self-esteem, especially at such a young age. However, the silver lining was that it introduced me to the world of alternative medicine that I wouldn't naturally have been so involved with so early on in my life. My belief in alternative medicine also wouldn't be so strong had it not been for the real results I experienced, as I was able to heal myself naturally through my wellness journey that has taken me on so many self-exploratory adventures of trial and error and education. It also subsequently led me to create my own wellness brand, as I wanted to create an ethical brand rooted in purpose, transparency and efficacy that would help other people like me find clean products that actually help their wellbeing while also giving back to the environment.

-Tumi Miller

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